San Bernardino Divorce Lawyer Helps Spouses Move Forward

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Dedicated Counselor Assists Inland Empire Clients When a Marriage Ends

When you decide to end your marriage and make a new start, it’s important to understand the legal details necessary to preserve your rights. The Law Office of Ronald L. Freeman stands up for clients in San Bernardino and Riverside counties and helps them navigate the divorce process positively. Whether your breakup is amicable or bitter, I take a personal approach to ensure that you have the best chance to achieve a result that suits your needs and those of your children. My San Bernardino firm handles simple, uncontested divorces and complex disputes over custody, support and property division. In every case, I represent clients in a professional manner that gives husbands and wives the confidence they need to move ahead.

Accomplished Law Firm Provides Detailed Advice on California Divorce Law

If you have decided to end your marriage or are just seeking information on the process, I can explain laws pertaining to:

  • Grounds — California is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that marriages are dissolved based on the irreconcilable differences between the parties. However, my firm can raise issues of fault if they are relevant to custody, support or property division disputes.
  • Child custody — Parents of minor children have a duty to protect and guide their children through the often-difficult divorce process. I work with clients to resolve issues of physical and legal custody in a professional manner that serves the child’s best interests. Often, this can be achieved through consensus, but when litigation is necessary, my firm is committed to upholding your rights and maintaining strong parent-child relationships.
  • Child support — Each parent is required to help pay for the costs of raising their child. Support determinations are based on the parents’ income, assets, medical insurance expenses and childcare costs.

The breakup of a marriage can cause significant emotional and financial stress. I try to lessen the impact by offering free initial consultations so that you can understand your legal situation before determining how to proceed with your divorce.

Skillful Counselor Presses for Appropriate Property Division

One of the most contested aspects of a divorce is the allocation of homes, vehicles and financial accounts owned jointly or separately. As a community property state, California requires couples to divide the value of marital assets and debts equally. Though this might seem simple, disputes often arise due to questions about valuation and whether certain property was accumulated during the course of the marriage. I conduct a thorough investigation to determine what belongs in the marital estate and press for a fair resolution that provides my clients with the economic foundation they are entitled to as they move ahead in their lives.

Trustworthy Advocate Handles Disputes Over Spousal Support

Numerous factors can be considered when a court decides whether to award alimony as part of a divorce. In many cases, duration of the marriage is an important factor. For unions shorter than 10 years, spousal support payments, when granted, are usually limited to a period that is one-half of the marriage’s duration. The parties’ age, health, earning ability and standard of living are also important factors in determining spousal support. My firm delivers a strong argument for a fair resolution under California’s rules for support both while the divorce is pending and afterward.

Contact a Knowledgeable California Divorce Attorney for a Free Initial Consultation

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