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Knowledgeable Lawyer Takes an Individual Approach to Parenting Plans

Nothing is more important to you than your relationship with your child. So, if you are going through a divorce, struggling with an existing custody order, or seeking a court order establishing paternity, you want an outcome that upholds your parental rights. The Law Office of Ronald L. Freeman has extensive experience in child custody disputes at all stages of the parents’ relationship. I understand how courts are likely to rule on the facts of a case, and I use this knowledge to negotiate reasonable solutions that promote your child’s best interests. However, when the other parent decides to behave unreasonably, I am prepared to go to court to fight for your rights.

Important Points of California’s Child Custody Law

California divides child custody into two categories of rights and responsibilities:

  • Physical custody — The right to provide a residence for the child and the responsibility to meet the child’s physical needs for food, clothing and shelter
  • Legal custody — The right to make decisions impacting the child’s health, education, and welfare

Each of these types of custody can be shared by both parents in a joint custody arrangement or held by one parent as sole custodian. If the court awards sole physical custody to one parent, the other parent is usually entitled to parenting time, formerly known as visitation. The right to custody does not depend on a parent’s gender, so the court is not permitted to favor mothers over fathers or vice versa.

When discussing child custody, it is important to understand that a court makes decisions based on the best interests of the child. Therefore, the court will look at the totality of the circumstances impacting the child when deciding on an appropriate parenting plan.

Reaching a Negotiated or Mediated Child Custody Solution

No one knows your children better than you do, so it makes sense that, whenever possible, you and your child’s other parent should be in charge of designing the parenting plan. When parents are able to cooperate, it’s often possible to negotiate a comprehensive parenting plan that protects their parental rights and serves their children’s best interests. When traditional negotiations stall, many parents are able to find success in mediation. Either way, the process can produce a parenting plan that the court will approve and incorporate into its custody order.

However, it’s an unfortunate fact that many parents are unreasonable and dig in their heels, forcing a confrontation over custody. In other cases, a parent may have a legitimate concern for the child’s safety if the other parent is allowed custody or visitation. In these cases, litigation in court is unavoidable. As an experienced litigator, I have the skill and determination to fight aggressively on your behalf.

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