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White-collar crimes are certain types of financially motivated, nonviolent crimes that involve wrongfully taking another person’s property or money. Facing a white-collar criminal charge can be devastating to your professional and personal life. Merely being charged with a white-collar crime can lead to the destruction of your reputation. Additionally, white-collar criminal convictions often carry severe penalties such as incarceration, fines, and employment loss. If you or your loved one has been charged with a white-collar crime in California, we recommend speaking to an attorney immediately. Likewise, if you know or suspect that you’re under investigation for white-collar crime, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Attorney Ronald L. Freeman has extensive experience representing clients in white-collar criminal charges. Contact him today to schedule your free initial consultation and learn how he can protect your rights.

White-Collar Defense Cases We Handle

Attorney Ronald L. Freeman has successfully represented clients in a wide variety of white-collar criminal cases. White-collar defenses frequently involve international business practices, and our law firm has developed working relationships with international legal counsel who can consult in our cases. Our law firm handles the following types of white-collar defenses:

  • Tax offenses
  • RICO charges
  • Stock market manipulation, insider trading, and securities fraud charges
  • Wire fraud 
  • Mail fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • The Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute
  • Health care fraud 
  • Government procurement fraud
  • California’s Transparency in Supply Chains Act
  • Civil and criminal forfeiture
  • Financial institution fraud
  • State and federal False Claims Act
  • Qui tam complaints
  • Environmental violations
  • Consumer crimes
  • E-commerce and cyber crimes
  • Copyright infringement and criminal trademark
  • Antitrust and price-fixing
  • Bank Secrecy Act and money laundering
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Official corruption allegations and bribery

Legal White-Collar Defense in Corporate and Government Investigations

Companies currently face high levels of scrutiny from local, state, and federal government agencies. When companies become aware of potential internal misconduct, it’s wise to hire a white-collar defense lawyer. The Law Offices of Ronald L. Freeman provide corporate clients with skilled legal guidance on conducting internal investigations through privileged and confidential legal representations. 

Do you know or suspect that a government agency is investigating you or your company for criminal conduct? If so, it’s wise to be proactive and investigate allegations so you can understand your situation better and develop an effective legal defense strategy. The sooner you consult with a white-collar defense lawyer, the sooner your lawyer can begin a confidential investigation and build your defense strategy.

Fraud Defenses

Embezzlement and fraud are two of the most commonly charged white-collar crimes in California and throughout the country. Fraud involves deception and inducing another person to act to their detriment. Counterfeiting cases, real estate fraud, and Ponzi schemes are among the most commonly prosecuted fraud charges in California. California law recognizes several types of fraud, all of which carry harsh penalties. 

Embezzlement Defenses

Embezzlement occurs when one person betrays the financial trust given to him or her by another person or company. In most embezzlement cases, an employee steals from the employer who has entrusted him or her with access to company funds. Embezzlement can also include accountants, management professionals, or other financial professionals who misappropriate funds or steal from their organizations, using the money for their benefit. Embezzlement cases often involve the following types of scenarios:

  • A church or school employee wrongfully steals money or property from the organization
  • An employee writes fraudulent company checks to himself or herself
  • An employee withdraws money from a company bank account and uses it personally
  • An employee or manager intermingles business and personal funds

Consulting with an experienced white-collar defense lawyer will help you understand your legal rights. Attorney Ronald L. Freeman will investigate your case, develop a legal strategy tailored to the facts of your unique case, and work diligently toward the most favorable resolution. 

False Claims Act Defense in California

Attorney Ronald L. Freeman has extensive experience defending clients against charges based on the federal False Claims Act (FCA). He has successfully represented clients in various FCA matters, including the following:

  • Whistleblower claims
  • Conflicts of interest
  • False statements that are material to payment of false claims
  • Misrepresenting qualifications
  • Providing non-conforming or defective products
  • Overbilling 
  • Medicaid or Medicare overcharging

White-Collar Defense Involving the SEC

In recent years, the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and the U.S. Department of Justice have ramped up their efforts to investigate and prosecute white-collar crimes. Our law firm has represented individuals and companies charged with various white-collar crimes involving the SEC and FINRA. We have represented privately-held companies, public companies, company managers, directors, and officers in federal criminal securities investigations. 

Anti-Money Laundering Defense and Prevention

At the Law Offices of Ronald L. Freeman, we have provided legal defenses for corporations, banks, and individuals facing charges related to money laundering. Many of our clients have faced civil asset forfeiture, which can be financially devastating. If you’re facing money laundering charges or civil asset forfeiture, it’s crucial that you discuss your case with a white-collar defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

Attorney Ronald L. Freeman is a seasoned trial lawyer with extensive experience in persuading federal prosecutors against filing criminal charges or taking other action against clients. He understands how federal prosecutors work and zealously negotiates on behalf of his clients for the best outcome possible.

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White-collar criminal defense requires an understanding of state and federal laws and courtroom experience. Attorney Ronald L Freeman has a proven track record of providing excellent white-collar criminal defense for his clients. The sooner you contact him, the sooner he can begin to prepare your legal defense. Contact him today to schedule a free initial consultation in his San Bernardino or Riverside law offices.