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Being arrested for a sex crime can come as a shock, followed by disbelief and frustration as you try to defend your reputation. On top of the initial humiliation of being arrested for a sex crime, defendants also face serious penalties if they are convicted. In California, sex crimes often include prison time, fines, and the requirement to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. 

Attorney Ronald L. Freeman provides experienced legal representation for clients accused of sex crimes in San Bernardino and Riverside counties. He will thoroughly investigate your case and begin building a persuasive legal defense on your behalf. After conducting an in-depth investigation, he will introduce evidence that may often lead to a dismissal of charges or a sentencing reduction. As a criminal defense lawyer with extensive trial experience, he is prepared to advocate on your behalf in court. Contact the Law Offices of Ronald L. Freeman today to schedule your free initial consultation. 

Rape and Statutory Rape Charges in San Bernardino

In California, the crime of rape involves sexual intercourse without consent that is accomplished by force, fear, coercion, or drugging. Rape charges are typically considered felonies and carry a sentence of about least one year in jail. Rape can occur between acquaintances, friends, strangers, and romantic partners and spouses.

Prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the alleged victim did not consent to sexual intercourse. Defending against rape charges often involves proving that the victim consented to the sexual act in question or that the incident never occurred.

Statutory rape involves intercourse between an adult and a minor between 14 to 18. Even if the alleged victim consented to the sexual intercourse, the adult could face statutory rape charges. In California, minor children do not have the legal capacity to consent to sexual intercourse. There are some exceptions to the crime of statutory rape, but they are limited.

Sexual Battery Charges in San Bernardino

Sexual battery involves the intimate touching of another person against their will while they are restrained unlawfully for the purpose of sexual gratification. Defendants can face sexual battery charges even if they never engaged in intercourse. Prosecutors must prove that the defendant touched an alleged victim in an intimate area against their will. They must also prove that the defendant restrained the other person unlawfully. Typically, sexual battery is a misdemeanor charge but can be a felony charge depending on the case’s circumstances.

Prostitution and Solicitation Charges in San Bernardino

Prostitution is illegal in California, and it involves performing a sexual act in exchange for money or another type of tangible benefit. Additionally, inducing someone else to perform a sex act for money is illegal. Solicitation and prostitution crimes are typically misdemeanors that carry punishments of up to six months in jail. However, when the victim is a minor, the penalties are more severe.

Internet Child Pornography Charges in San Bernardino

Downloading, creating, or sharing images of minors engaged in sexual activity or exploitation is a serious crime in California. Prosecutors take Internet child pornography charges seriously and advocate aggressively to convict defendants, whether they are guilty or not. The FBI frequently investigates internet child pornography charges, and U.S. attorneys often bring federal charges against defendants based on these investigations. 

Pimping, Pandering, and Sex Trafficking Charges in San Bernardino

Law enforcement agencies are also cracking down on sex trafficking. In California, it is illegal to entice an unmarried woman under 18 to engage in acts of prostitution. It’s also illegal to remove a child from his or her parents or guardians for the purpose of prostitution. The criminal charge of pimping and pandering is punishable by a prison sentence between 2 to 6 years and a fine of up to $5,000. Taking a person for the purpose of prostitution carries a prison sentence between 16 months and three years and a fine of up to $2,000.

Defenses to California Sex Crimes Charges

Defending against sex crime charges is a difficult task. Sex crime charges are unique due to the complex nature of these types of crimes, and emotional media coverage is usually unfair to the defendant. Additionally, prosecutors in California are notorious for portraying sex crime defendants as poorly as possible. 

In these types of emotionally-charged criminal cases, defendants need a law firm with the training and resources necessary to succeed. Attorney Ronald L. Freeman understands that defendants charged with sex crimes not only need a solid legal defense, but they also need assistance navigating the media environment. He can help you protect your privacy and reputation while you undergo the excruciating process of a sex crimes trial.

Attorney Ronald L. Freeman has in-depth experience with sex crime investigations. He will gather evidence in support of a defendant. When law enforcement officers illegally obtained evidence through unconstitutional means, Attorney Ronald L. Freeman will challenge the evidence in court to secure a dismissal. Each sex crimes case is unique and will necessitate a tailored legal defense. However, there are several common defenses descendants utilized in sex crime cases, such as:

  • Exercising the right to remain silent
  • Using a polygraph or “lie detector test” to the defendant’s advantage
  • Challenging forensic evidence with outside experts
  • Calling the accuser’s credibility into question 
  • Pointing out undue influence related to child witnesses
  • Suppress evidence gathered in an unconstitutional manner

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Have you been arrested for a sex crime in San Bernardino County or Riverside County? If so, your freedom and future are at stake. If you are convicted, you will likely be placed on California’s sex offender registration, negatively impacting your future career and personal life. 

You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands California sex crime laws on your side. Attorney Ronald L. Freeman has a proven track record of securing successful outcomes in California sex crimes cases. Contact the Law Offices of Ronald L. Freeman today to schedule your free initial consultation at our Riverside or San Bernardino offices.