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Inland Empire Law Firm Helps Defendants Fight Drunk Driving Charges

Tough drunk driving laws in California demand a defense attorney who has the ability and determination to defend accused motorists effectively. At The Law Office of Ronald L. Freeman, I represent clients in DUI cases throughout the Inland Empire. Even a first drunk driving conviction includes some jail time, so failing to obtain the proper legal advice has serious consequences. My firm helps clients confront questionable evidence and witnesses, challenge faulty tests, and enforce drivers’ constitutional rights. From the start of your case, I press for the best possible result, whether that is a dismissal, an acquittal, a favorable plea bargain or a reduced sentence. If you have been arrested on a DUI charge, there is no time to waste. My firm has locations in Riverside and San Bernardino to provide complete legal representation in a convenient, comfortable setting.

Knowledgeable California Advocate Protects the Rights of Motorists

No matter what your particular case entails, I provide a complete overview of the relevant law. My firm delivers thorough advice on issues such as:

  • Improper stops and searches — The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution bans unreasonable searches, which is why I review the facts of each case to determine whether the stop and any search conducted by law enforcement adhered to legal guidelines. If probable cause did not exist for the search, any information gathered can be thrown out.
  • Blood alcohol testing — California drivers over the age of 21 are considered legally intoxicated if their blood alcohol content is at or above .08 percent. Errors can occur in the testing and analysis processes, and I can identify problems and argue for the exclusion of flawed evidence. My firm also represents young drivers who are considered to be in violation of the law if any alcohol is detected in their test.
  • Test refusal — Under the principle of implied consent, driving on a California road gives law enforcement officers the authority to conduct a sobriety test if they suspect a driver is impaired. Refusing a blood or urine analysis results in an automatic one-year driver license suspension, which might be longer than a suspension for a misdemeanor DUI conviction.

My firm provides a free initial consultation so there is nothing keeping you from obtaining the strong advocacy that you need.

Assertive Lawyer Pursues Appropriate Sentence Reductions for Drivers

Even when someone is found guilty of driving under the influence, effective legal representation can significantly improve the outcome of their case. Numerous options exist for DUI sentencing, such as alcohol treatment programs and ignition interlock devices, which prevent vehicles from being started by intoxicated drivers. My firm works with prosecutors and argues before judges to reduce fines and incarceration terms whenever possible. If your license is suspended, I can also advocate for exceptions that allow you to drive to and from work.

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