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Drug crimes are aggressively prosecuted in Southern California, and a conviction can result in significant penalties. From imprisonment to fines to probation, being convicted of a narcotics offense is life-altering. If you have been arrested for a drug charge in San Bernardino or Riverside Counties, turn to the Law Office of Ronald L. Freeman.

Criminal defense lawyer Ronald Freeman has a demonstrated ability to defend drug charges in state and federal court and a proven history of achieving positive outcomes for his clients. Ron will take the time to understand your circumstances, explain all your rights, and then mount an aggressive defense. Given the lasting repercussions of a drug crime conviction, it is crucial to have a determined criminal defense lawyer in your corner. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Defending Drug Crimes in Southern California

Because illegal substances are inherently dangerous to users — addiction, overdose deaths — and a threat to public safety — violent crimes, weapons violations — prosecutors take drug crimes very seriously. The best way to protect your rights is to work with a skilled drug crimes attorney. 

Our firm is highly experienced defending drug charges, such as:

  • Possession — Charges depend on the type and amount of narcotics involved 
  • Distribution — Sale or distribution, or possession with intent to sell
  • Manufacturing — Production of controlled substances (e.g. crack cocaine, methamphetamines) or possession of drug manufacturing materials
  • Trafficking — Illegal distribution of controlled substances, or conspiracy to traffic in drugs
  • Prescription Fraud — Forging or falsifying prescriptions, possessing medication without a valid prescription, illegal transportation, distribution, or trafficking of prescription drugs

Regardless of the charges you are facing, trust Ronald Freeman to provide you with powerful representation. Whether you are facing overzealous prosecutors or your rights have been violated due to improper or unlawful police procedures, he knows how to achieve the best outcome through negotiations and when to fight in court to protect your freedom. 

Above all, Ron will provide you with trustworthy advice that allows you to make informed decisions about your defense. 

How Drug Classifications Impact Your Case

California follows the federal classifications, which are based on the substance’s addictive nature, its potential to be abused, and whether it has an accepted medical use.  

  • Schedule I —  Highly addictive drugs with no known medicinal use, such as heroin, MDMA (ecstasy), peyote, mescaline, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), and fentanyl. Although medical and recreational marijuana is legal in California, cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I drug. 
  • Schedule II — Drugs with some accepted medical use, but are likely to be abused, such as codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, oxycodone).
  • Schedule III – Drugs with some accepted medical purpose and only a moderate or low risk of abuse (e.g. barbiturates, anabolic steroids, medicines containing small amounts of codeine).
  • Schedule IV – Prescription, anti-anxiety drugs (e.g Xanax, Valium, and Ambien) with low potential for addiction or abuse
  • Schedule V – Substances that contain small amounts of narcotics or non-narcotic active medical ingredients (e.g. over-the-counter medicines, cough syrups, and cold medications).

The classification of the drug will play a significant role in your case. Prosecutors will also consider whether the drugs in your possession were intended for personal use or distribution, as well as whether you have prior drug convictions. Finally, the quantity of the drugs involved may justify a federal drug trafficking charge. 

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Southern California

The possession of small amounts of a controlled substance in California is typically an infraction, punishable by fines, but can also be charged as a misdemeanor, resulting in up to 1 year in jail, fines, and other penalties. A serious drug offense may be charged as a felony, resulting in a lengthy state or federal prison sentence and steeper fines. This is why it is crucial to have an experienced drug crimes attorney in your corner. 

Why Choose Ronald Freeman to Defend Your Drug Charges?

Attorney Freeman is well-versed in the applicable state and federal narcotics law and highly experienced at defending clients against all types of drug charges. 

In a drug possession case, for example, the prosecution must be able to prove that you were knowingly in possession of a controlled substance. Similarly, in a case involving possession with intent to sell or drug trafficking, the prosecution must prove you had the requisite intent to commit the crime. Above all, Ron will provide you with informed representation and work to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

Contact Our Experienced San Bernardino Drug Crimes Attorney

If you have been charged with a drug crime, you probably have concerns about your freedom and your future. When you consult with the Law Office of Ronald L. Freeman, you will have peace of mind, knowing that our aggressive drug crimes lawyer will fight for your rights. The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can start building your drug crimes defense.

The Law Office of Ronald L. Freeman defends clients against drug charges in San Bernardino, Riverside County, and throughout Southern California.